EHS Advisor

EHS Advisor

Role Purpose

The role of the EHS Advisor is to provide Environment, Health and Safety guidance working with the
project team. You will implement and maintain the management system for the project. The role is to
coordinate all EHS Matters within various Project Management Teams and to report constructively all EHS matters to Project Manager. Under the direction of the EHS Manager, the EHS Advisor will be responsible for providing support to the Project Managers, supervisors and workers. This position will provide leadership and coordination of the day-to-day EHS requirements of the assigned project(s). The role may require to be positioned on a project full time or working on various projects. This role requires frequent travel between projects and may require overnight stays.

Key Functions of the EHS Advisor

  • Provide advice, guidance, support and instruction in all EHS matters to management, safety
    representatives and employees (including where applicable to sub-contractors, suppliers and
    visitors to sites).
  • Provide leadership through good example. Be proactive in all matters concerning the role.
  • Identify training needs, report requirements to project team and carry out training as required.
  • Audit and inspect projects, agree and prepare achievable corrective and preventive action plans
    towards compliance to and continual improvement of the EHS on the project.
  • Report on business EHS risks, KPIs and trends accurately with data and recommend constructive
    actions towards continuous improvements.
  • Ensure incidents are reported and investigations are carried out in a thorough and professional
    manner in order to identify root causes and corrective and preventive action plans.
  • Ensure that Site EHS Plans, RAMS and other associated site documents are updated and compliant
    with statutory and other requirements and that they are reviewed on a continuous basis.

EHS Advisor Responsibilities

  • Reports to EHS Manager, Site Managers/Supervisors and Project Manager.
  • Is conversant with the contents of the client’s safety statement, environment manual, risk
    assessments, aspects & impacts, legislation and procedures.
  • Provides advice, guidance, instruction and training in all EHS matters to management, safety
    representatives and employees (including where applicable to sub-contractors, suppliers and
    visitors to sites).
  • Carries out internal audits and site inspections in conjunction with Site Management, recommends
    corrective actions, improvements and document findings.
  • Prepares in conjunction with site management team a project specific EHS Plan, induction and Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS). These shall be compiled and agreed prior to work
    commencing and ongoing through lookaheads.
  • Ensures that the project specific EHS Plan, induction and RAMS are up to date, reviewed
    periodically and communicated to all relevant persons (including clients, Main Contractor, other
    contractors, visitors and others who may be affected by that work).
  • Visits each new project, sets up the necessary site safety files (Series 500 & 600), registers,
    abstracts of regulations, posters, SEOR program, etc., and ensures that site establishment complies
    with the legislation, client regulations and company regulations as a minimum.
  • Reviews Contractor Appointments and ensures that correct appointment is carried out and that
    only competent contractors are used on projects.
  • Introduces and implements effective measures aimed at the prevention of incidents at work.
  • Reports on incidents and/or dangerous occurrences should they occur to the EHS Manager, Project Manager and Site Managers as required.
  • Reports on areas of concern to the relevant party for correction. Persistent and serious areas of
    concern are to be reported immediately to line management as per (1) above. Retains evidence of
    communications with relevant parties.
  • Carries out incident investigation in conjunction with site management, establishes cause of
    incident or dangerous occurrence and recommends method for future avoidance.
  • Audits the company site safety file, (Series 500 & 600), makes sure that hazards/risks are regularly
    assessed, that control measures are implemented, that inspections are carried out and that all
    incidents are reported, investigated and closed out.
  • Prepares Monthly KPI Report for their projects, issues monthly return of Site Visit Schedule, SEORs,KPIs, violations to the EHS Manager and the Business Unit Manager. Issues new SDS to EHS Manager.
  • Provides training and information to the workforce using appropriate training aids and media as
    required. Issues records of training to HR to update the training matrix.
  • Attends the regional EHS Coordination Meeting.
  • Attends the EHS meeting with the Business Unit Manager, as required (1 per region).
  • Attends internal and external site meetings as required – safety meetings, coordination meetings
  • Implements and promotes the company Incentive Scheme on all projects.
  • Arranges distribution and maintenance of fully stocked first aid boxes on site.
  • Monitors P.P.E usage and advises site management on type of protective equipment required.
  • Issues non-conformances, commendations and disciplinary warnings both written and verbal if
    required or instructed to do so.
  • You will proactively and vigilantly keep information secure and fully comply with the Information
    Security Management System (ISMS)