Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyor

Role: Quantity Surveyor
Location: Charlestown, Mayo
Type: Full-time Permanent Position

As a QS you will work closely with your Managing QS, Contracts Managers, and Directors. You will
generally take charge of contracts from once they are won, and manage them from quantifying,
ordering, sub-contractor payments, Valuations, Variations, through to the Final Account. You may
also be required to mentor and assist the Junior QS in an observational & advisory capacity.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Newly Allocated Projects:
Ensure that an internal job handover meeting is held with the relevant Salesperson to go through
item by item the works quoted for. Establish whether the job has already been measured by a
company QS. If not, you will need to measure the job as soon as possible. Establish the start &
estimated completion dates for the project. Check that the Contract Documentation received is in
accordance with the Tender quotation cover sheet and or Pre-award meeting minutes. Highlight
any differences to the Senior QS/ Sales person responsible, and amend the Contracts
Documentation accordingly if directed to do so by the Senior QS/ Sales person. If no contract
document is present in the job file, advise the relevant Sales person of the situation.

Project Measurement:
Check that you are in possession of the most recent version of the drawings, specifications, finishes
schedules. Quantify the materials from the above documents, and as and when they may be
superseded during the works. Where the documents do not give you sufficient information, consult
with the Senior QS & issue RFI’s (Requests For Information) to the client as appropriate, ensuring
the Contracts Manager is aware of any queries. On some projects it may be necessary to site
measure at the start, and/ or on completion. There are laser measuring devices in the office which
you can use for site measures.

Whenever new drawings, specifications, or finishes schedules are received, these documents must
be assessed for any potential variations to the contract sum. It is critical that the QS notifies and
values the variation in strict accordance with the conditions of contract, with particular emphasis
on ensuring that the company is not time-barred on claiming such variations.
All variations (and where possible agreement on costs) should be instructed in writing before
commencing any variation works.

All necessary calculations, drawings, and other back up documentation should be sent to the client QS within the time frame set out in the contract (typically ten day for notification, and a further 20 days for full back-up of costs/ delays)

Material Ordering:
Create orders and issue to the relevant supplier noted on the cost template, or as directed by the
Salesperson. Where possible, try to improve on the supply price noted on the cost template – any
cost over-runs must be advised to the Senior QS/ Salesperson, and approved by the Senior
Contracts Manager (labour issues) or Salesperson (materials issues). Schedule the material
deliveries for the planned start date, or other date as advised by the Contracts Manager. Include
the contact details of the fitting crew (if known) or the Contracts Manager, on each order. Ensure
that orders are placed with adequate allowances for site wastage. If the QS feels that the wastage
allowed in the cost template is not appropriate, they are to highlight this to the Senior QS/
Salesperson and seek advice on wastage allowance for ordering.

Sub-contractor Payments:
You will receive a list of scheduled sub-contractor claim receipt dates & payment deadline dates
from the accounts department. The claim receipt dates are the dates by which the sub-contractor
has to submit the claim, while the payment deadline dates are the latest dates by which the QS
must raise a corresponding PO on the accounts system. The QS should the check the details of the
sub-contractors claim against the measure, and the list of agreed labour rates which the relevant
Contracts Manager has agreed with the sub-contractor. The list of agreed labour rates should in all
cases be less than or equal to the maximum labour rates included in the cost template. Any cost
over-run issues must be agreed by the Senior Contracts Manager or Director before applying them
to a sub-contractor payment.

Starter Packs:
Create a ‘Starter Pack’ folder which contains all relevant information that the Contracts Manager is
likely to need. This folder will be shared via Dropbox (or other portal) and will include a summary of
main orders placed and their estimated delivery dates, quantities and contact details for each
supplier; maximum labour rates payable to subcontractors; details of room by room finishes for
floor, wall, and skirting finishes; RFI’s issued & their client responses; current drawings,
specifications, and finishes schedules received from the client. This folder will need to be
maintained by all those with whom it is shared (typically QS & CM).

Interim & Final Valuations & Payments:
Calculate & submit Valuations of work complete and materials on site in accordance with the
schedule of Valuation dates noted on the job handover template. Liaise with the client QS and
negotiate interim payments and payment dates with them. Inform the Accounts Dept. of interim
payment details once advised by the client.

Workload Update:
You will be required to produce (and update on a weekly basis) a summary of all jobs you are in
charge of, showing the current status of each project. This report should be given to the Managing
QS as requested.