JMG Solutions Speaker Series- Justin Manley

JMG Solutions Speaker Series- Justin Manley

About Justin

Up until a few years ago, Justin was a highly skilled pipe technician and a team leader within the utilities industry. On the 28th October 2015, the decision to attend to a burst water main with a colleague proved to be one of life or death.

Whilst repairing a burst water main a miscommunication resulted in the mains water being switched on before the job had been completed,and the pressure of the water forced a torque wrench into Justin’s face at circa 80mph. Justin was knocked unconscious and was at the bottom of a hole which was rapidly filling with water.Fortunately he was wearing his hi-vis vest which meant he could be seen underwater, especially as a street light was directly above the hole. Whilst still unconscious his colleague got into the hole and dragged him out, and by chance a local resident who worked for St.Johns Ambulance was able to stabilise him until help arrived.

After undergoing numerous operations in a specialist hospital, Justin lost all vision in his right eye. But more devastating news was to follow when the Surgeon informed him that due to the severity of his head injury, it would be inevitable that he would get an infection and was likely to live for no more than 4 years. Justin chose to undergo an operation that carried a 50% risk of fatality .

During his convalescence, Justin returned to his old depot to give a talk to his former teammates, recounting the accident and talking about his road to recovery. The prospect of not returning to work was a daunting reality and doctors’ orders meant that he could not resume his previous role. Despite 15 years’ experience on the job, Justin stressed the need to be prepared for an unexpected event and know exactly how to react to protect yourself and those around you. His talk had a huge impact on his colleagues. Both Justin and the management team felt that if he could reach a larger audience, Justin could help even more colleagues understand the importance of workplace safety , and mental well-being . And so, in 2019 Justin decided to start up his own public speaking business in the hopes that he could help prevent something like this happening again. Justin has gone to win two awards for his hard hitting presentation The Construction Excellence Award and the Chairmans Award for the future water awards . Justin pushes himself well out of his comfort zone at every presentation in hopes of getting his message out there.

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Irish Building and Design Awards 2022

JMG Solutions Ltd. were delighted to attend the Irish Building and Design Awards 2022, as a sponsor of the Construction and Project Management Firm of the Year. The event was held in the very prestigious 5 star InterContinental Hotel Dublin, and it was organised and hosted by CMG Events.

Jonathan Morrough [Middle], the Director of JMG Solutions, Adele Morrough [Right] the ISO Department Lead, and Ailbhe Burke [Left], the Head of Talent Acquisition attended the event on behalf of JMG Solutions.

JMG would like to extend a congratulations to both the finalists and the winner’s of the IBDA awards, and especially to our sponsored category winners, Turner and Townsend. The event was very well organised, and we would like to extend a thank you to CMG for organising such a fun event.


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The Diversity Gap and Recruiting in STEM

Paulina Laurie, the Head of Women in Tech & Diversity Matters spoke on diversity in STEM and the difficulties faced in recruiting at the Tech Live London Event in March. A diverse selection of women spoke at Tech Live about diversity and the importance of including women in management/leadership positions.

For more details on Tech Live London, and the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality in employment, read this article by Becci Knowles

STEM Women are hosting a Hybrid Careers even in Ireland, for Women in STEM on the 13th of October. This event allows employers to network with students in STEM, including female and non-binary students. For more information visit

EHS Today Hosts a Webinar on Technology in Environmental Health and Safety

On January 20th, 2022, EHS Today posted a free webinar on the integration of Technology in mitigating risk, and occupational health and safety. This 60-minute webinar details the variety of technology available to EHS professionals, such as Artificial Intelligence, wearable devices, predictive analysis etc. [EHS Today]

With such vast availability of technology, this seminar aims to bring awareness to certain technologies and how they can help integrate safer working conditions for EHS professionals. The seminar focuses on how new technology can help safety professionals adhere to industry standards, improve occupational safety hazards, and improve overall safety management plans. With that said, they also acknowledge the importance of understanding that technology can fail, and that the human element of HSEQ in the workplace is fundamental.

The seminar was hosted by Abby Ferri, a risk control consultant, and Scott Gaddis, for more information on the seminar and its content, visit EHS Today.

Event Safety Management Services

Objective being to ensure the Safety and enjoyment of those attending and participating, any given event, and by ensuring courtesy and respect at all times to everyone involved. From small events to major concerts, let us take away the stress and hassle by ensuring your safety and emergency planning requirements have been met. We will attend pre and post event meetings with our clients and liaise with local authorities and other interested parties on our clients behalf, ensuring you have the necessary experienced professional advice to ensure your peace of mind.

Our Services Include

  • On-site health and safety management
  • liason with local authorities, Gardai and all other relevant members of the emergency services.
  • Risk assessments
  • Event safety management plans
  • Advice on the selection and management of sub-contractors
  • Legislative advice
  • Training of Stewards and Volunteers in their H&S duties
  • Site design and construction monitoring
  • Supervision of the event

JMG Solutions Ltd event management team at an event July 2018

Launch of the National Association of

JMG Solutions Ltd are delighted to be working closely with the National Association of Drainage Engineers Ireland ensuring that their members are achieving the highest safety standards possible considering the dangerous environments (confined spaces etc) they work in on a daily basis.

The NADE is an organisation committed to the development of a national network of fully certified drainage engineers.

We are aiming to raise industry standards for those who hold the correct certification and are committed to continual professional development from the moment they become a member of the association.